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The NCEast Alliance (The Alliance) is a regional, private, not-for-profit,economic development agency serving more than 1 million residents within several small metropolitan and micropolitan areas from the fringe of the Research Triangle to the Atlantic Coast. The Alliance provides community capacity building and assists companies with site location and expansion decisions.

Program of Work

As a result of confidential interviews conducted by National Community Development Services with public and private leaders across the region, combined with several discussion sessions with regional leadership, three strategic priorities were selected for action by the Alliance:

A. Marketing and Business Attraction

1. Define and brand eastern NC as a regional economy and business location

2. Focus on business attraction and recruitment efforts with particular emphasis on targeted clusters (primary companies and components of their supply chains)

3. Develop and implement cluster specific strategies (identify supply chain gaps, workforce needs, etc.)

4. Manage prospect inquiries, information requests, and community visits

5. Take the lead in evaluating international recruitment opportunities and partner with other regional, state, and national organizations to develop and call on prospects in specific international geographies

6. Stage and sponsor meetings in the region that draw attention to local capabilities, opportunities, and activities (i.e. British American BusinessCouncil, ENC Entrepreneurship Summit, Food & Fuel for the Forces, site location consultant visits)

B. Workforce Development and Education

1. Continue to promote WorkKeys and Career Readiness Certificates through the ASPIRE network and actively promote the project through multiple media outlets

2. Assist counties to achieve and maintain Certified WorkReady Community status.

3. Promote the Alliance workforce development efforts while calling on existing companies to encourage their engagement and support

4. Expand the reach of STEM East throughout the region

5. Continually seek ‘add-ons’ to the STEM (STEAM, STEMM, etc.) East Network to engage employers in the process of improving educational outcomes and training to resolve the skills gap (STEMersion summer experience for STEM teachers, summer STEM experiences for students, promotion of apprenticeship as a means to fill the skills gap)

6. Assist efforts of workforce development boards, community colleges, and universities to encourage exiting military personnel and veterans to obtain certifications and training to improve their transition into the regional job market

7. Continue promotion of STEM Teacher of the Month, Convene an annual State of the Workforce/STEM education meeting and hold annual recognition event to recognize STEM Teacher of the Year

C. Advocacy

1. Support specific efforts to advance development of freeways, ports, and other forms of transportation to improve the platformfor logistics efficiencies

2. Coordinate / support advocacy, lobbying efforts, including legislativedays in Raleigh & Washington with regional partners. (Chambers, transportation committees, military advocacy groups, etc.)

3. Convene other meetings to generate ‘conversations’ about issues and solutions relevant to eastern NC

4. Establish a Regional Military Affairs Coalition in partnership with local military affairs committees to develop regional, interconnected strategies to protect and grow our military installations (integrate Food & Fuel for the Forces and PlanIt East programs into this effort that will also support Value-added Ag cluster development)

5. Establish a Major Employers Council to identify issues and advocate on their behalf