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Advancing Workforce Education Through Community Collaboration

STEM East is developing networks with industries, organizations and educational institutions to improve student-learning pathways that will lead to employment. An example of this communication bridge building between businesses and schools can be found in our STEM Centers Project: Phase I. Craven, Jones, Lenoir and Wayne county students will be introduced to STEM education and career pathways via state-of-the-art instructional labs. Through the collaboration of multiple businesses, education districts, economic development municipalities and foundations, state government departments, and many others STEM lab students will engage in real-world learning modules that directly align with career opportunities in Eastern North Carolina. Students learn subject curriculum in a collaborative environment that is outcome-based and student-centered.  Industry partners work with teachers and students to ensure that the curriculum represents actual workplace functions. STEM lab teachers become more like facilitators as the students become leaders in their own learning process as well as knowledgeable about the alignment to future employment.

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STEM Centers

60 STEM Centers funded by 2016. More than $9 million in resources and funding invested in eastern NC for the alignment of education pathway with the needs of employers.