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Transitioning Military Personnel

The Massive Military Presence Means A Smarter, Stronger Workforce

With more than 113,000 active military personnel in the area, eastern North Carolina has a concentration of military personnel among the highest in the country. There are eight major bases in the region:

In addition, these key military bases are located in adjacent counties:

This military presence represents a wealth of hiring opportunities. Approximately 17,000 men and women are discharged annually from bases in the region - many of them want to stay in the area and build their careers.

That's 17,000 people who understand the value of dedication, discipline and hard work, and who bring a strong work ethic and exceptional job skills to the workplace. It’s no wonder worker productivity in the Region ranks so high.

You can find more information about the individual military installations by clicking on the base names in the listings above or on the map. To learn about efforts to integrate transitioning military personnel and their family members into the Region’s workforce, visit the websites of the North Carolina Military Business Center and the Region's Military Growth Task Force.