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The NC East Alliance has taken on the task of addressing the major Regional Concerns expressed by you in 2020. We need your support so that we can effectively address those concerns in a meaningful way. Seeking resolution to these concerns are foundational to our success as a Region. These Regional Concerns are as follows:

  • We have an acute need for skilled workers across all industries.
  • We have poor rural broadband coverage.
  • We need to prioritize the completion of Interstate 87. (Raleigh-Williamston-Elizabeth City-Norfolk)
  • We need to strengthen our rural health care system to the furthest reaches of our Region.
  • We need to improve the perception of rural Eastern NC through professional branding and marketing efforts.
  • We need to walk alongside our local industry, helping them to succeed and flourish. We need to help them to deal with any conditions holding them back.
  • We need to prepare to fully benefit from the offshore wind economy.
  • We need to recruit and support small entrepreneurial companies that  will keep us fresh, cutting edge and refreshed. 

We need your financial help in order to build a foundation for success in our 29 County region.

We have the ability to accept a personal or corporate donation to our 501 (c)3 or a corporate investment to our 501 (c)4. 

All checks will be appreciated – small or large.

Make a tax deductible contribution online at the donation box below.

Mail us a checkNC East Alliance, 216 South Broad Street, Edenton, NC 27932.

You could also give us a call or reach out through email to discuss ways that you can help.      

Vann Rogerson


Phone: (252) 916-2562

Mark Hamblin


Phone: (252) 388-8585

Todd Edwards


Phone: (252) 717-5064