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Aerospace and Defense

The location, the people and the spirit to make things happen in the aerospace and defense industries.

Eastern North Carolina has a large and growing array of aerospace companies, an integrated and well developed training and education system devoted to STEM education and the aerospace sector, as well as several unique assets to serve the industry. 

Aerospace companies such as Spirit AeroSystems choose to locate their business in the Region because they know the location and workforce will servce them well. 

Eastern North Carolina is home to the third largest concentration of military personnel in the nation. The bases here house the majority of the military’s first response forces. These installations spend millions of dollars annually for the goods and services of Region companies.


Military personnel leaving the services also represent an excellent source of skilled, disciplined, goal-oriented employees for new and expanding businesses in the region.

A growing number of firms – like DSM Dyneema, Kidde Aerospace, Defense Holdings, Inc. and others – have major operations in eastern North Carolina. They’ve discovered that the region offers a skilled work force with invaluable defense industry background, a low unionization rate, great educational resources and a decidedly pro-business climate.

Plant It EAST

PlanIt EAST is eastern North Carolina’s voluntary comprehensive regional forum to address growth and community issues that cross county and municipal boundaries.  It is built on the foundation of work completed by the NC East Alliance and the Regional Growth Management Plan prepared by its Military Growth Task Force. That plan concluded that 90% of the growth issues for eastern North Carolina required a comprehensive regional response.
This regional forum fosters communication, coordination, and collaboration among public, private and nonprofit leaders from Carteret, Craven, Duplin, Jones, Lenoir, Onslow, Pamlico, Pender and Wayne counties through its 42 delegates.  These representatives include elected officials, business, community and military leaders, farmers and foresters, developers and environmental/conservation group leaders from across the region’s nine counties.  Please explore our interactive regional map below to identify the 2011-12 PlanIt EAST delegates representing each member county.

PlanIt EAST is a private-public partnership headed by NC East Alliance with additional funding from the Department of Defense (Office of Economic Adjustment), the State of North Carolina, NC East Alliance, each of our nine member counties and several private donors.

The current work program for PlanIt EAST is focused on six key issues: water resources, open space, transportation, affordable housing, renewable energy and sustaining military readiness.  We recently completed EnvisionEast- 2050, a planned community visioning exercise designed to discuss, analyze and develop alternative growth scenarios for our region through the year 2050.  Where will the projected hundreds of thousands of new residents live, work and play?  How can we preserve and enhance the quality of eastern North Carolina’s natural, man-made, economic, and social environment for the next generations?  These are among the many questions PlanIt EAST’s delegates and community leaders will address in the months and years to come.

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North Carolina Logistics Iniative (NCLI)
Since the end of the Cold War, the U.S. military has discussed privatization of some of its traditionally organic maintenance functions. Today, as a result of the wartime stresses of the past decade, the discussion has reached a new fervor. While billions of dollars are dedicated annually to help meet the increasing demand, the sheer scale and scope of repairing vehicles and equipment returning from overseas coupled with shrinking defense budgets and new performance targets (including cost, energy, and the environment) has created a need to improve the way this work is accomplished. Specifically, performing ground systems maintenance in NC makes sense. It’s good business for the military, for the defense contractors, and for North Carolina.

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Base Procurement and Contracting

Click on the following links to find more information on military procurement and contracting with these military installations in eastern North Carolina: