STEM East Invited To Washington, D.C.

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STEM East Invited To Washington, D.C.

Stem East is one of 27 local and regional networks for STEM learning that was invited to Washington DC this week.

Stem East is one of 27 local and regional networks for STEM learning that was invited to Washington DC this week.  Leaders of these networks have come together to exchange strategies for building all students’ STEM knowledge and expertise through multi-sector “ecosystems” that bring together schools, out of school programs, businesses, intuitions of higher education and STEM-rich institutions such as museums.

The education, business and community leaders who participated also met with White House officials to discuss equitable STEM education and federal STEM policy.

Career and technical education programs are vital to ensuring that industries have the skilled workforce they need to remain competitive today and into the future. An area of particular focus for leaders in the STEM networks is creating awareness among education administrators, teachers, and guidance professionals about the career opportunities that exist in the STEM disciplines and the industries that create these opportunities.

The 27 STEM Learning Ecosystems that gathered in Washington, D.C. represent the inaugural group selected by the STEM Funders Network for support as part of a larger commitment that will grow to support 100 ecosystems in its first three years. These groups are forming a diverse set of communities from across the country by creating engaging, real-world STEM learning experiences. Each of the 27 networks is receiving hands-on technical assistance individualized to the needs of each community from the STEM Funders Network.

STEM East attended as part of a team representing North Carolina which included the Burroughs Wellcome Fund, the North Carolina, Science, Mathematics, & Technology Center, the North Carolina Center for After School Programs and Greene County schools. The team participated as part of the NC STEM Ecosystem: Driving the Future which is based out of the Research Triangle in Raleigh, NC. The purpose of this event aligns closely with the STEM East initiative of connecting employers and educators through a growing network of private and public partnerships. The STEM East Network seeks to partner with forward thinking employers and educators who understands the benefit of a “grow your own” workforce model.