Ethan Lenker

STEM East Leadership Team

STEM East Leadership Team

Dr. Lenker has spent nearly 34 years working in the field of education, with more than 17 years of superintendent experience. Prior to position in Pitt County, he served as superintendent in Sampson County and in Jones County.  In addition, he also has experience as a Central Office Director, Principal, and Assistant Principal in North Carolina, as well as a Calculus and Physics teacher in Virginia.

Dr. Lenker has an impressive and well-rounded educational background. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics Education from Virginia Tech and later returned to obtain his Master of Arts in Education Administration. In 2006, Dr. Lenker received his Doctorate of Education from East Carolina University. He has also studied at the Virginia Highlands Community College, the University of Virginia and North Carolina State University.

During his prestigious career, Dr. Lenker has often been recognized for his scholarship and leadership. He is a published scholar and has been asked to present or speak as part of a panel at many national education conferences.