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NC East Alliance Board of Directors Officially Announces Vann Rogerson as President/CEO

February 24, 2021

February 2021


CONTACT: Trey Goodson @ (252) 814-0484 or [email protected]

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Vann Rogerson who has been acting Interim President/CEO since June 2019 has officially been appointed President/CEO of NC East Alliance.  Vann has previously served as Senior Vice President of NC East Alliance since January 2015 and has led the organization’s marketing and client handling efforts. Vann focused on lead generation and company recruitment, building strong relationships with prospects, and organizing many prospect visits to all counties across the region. Since July of 2015, NC East has generated 95 company visits to the region; those companies made 332 visits to the 29 counties served by the Alliance. Vann was previously the President/CEO of the NC Northeast Partnership based in Edenton, NC from 2006-2014 and the VP of Marketing from 1998-2006.

Vann will continue to lead the refocus of NC East towards supporting existing industries in the region by identifying supply chain needs and addressing workforce deficiencies. NC East will lead regional advocacy efforts in the region by convening stakeholders to identify and solve regional issues. Finally, NC East will continue to expand its successful STEM Education initiative throughout the region.

“We are pleased that Vann has accepted this new role. Vann has been critical in leading the refocus of NC East Alliance during COVID. The organization has a refined mission to work hand in hand with other organizations across the region and continue to help improve the economic and educational opportunities for the people and businesses of eastern North Carolina.” – Mark Hamblin, NC East Alliance Board Chair.

The Alliance will continue to partner with local economic development offices, Chambers of Commerce, Tourism Bureaus, federal, state, county and local government, Workforce Development Boards, public schools, private employers as well as service providers and many others to address the needs of the 29 counties. 

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